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We have spent all day today talking about the technical side of how to complete our projects, we have studied the safe ways to address the tools and techniques needed for our turning projects and we rolled up our sleeves and got down to it!  This class has a great mix of beginners and some folks who have a good deal of turning experience.

So we have completed mostly four different projects today.   Almost all of the student now have a wonderful key chain, an awesome fan pull, a ball point pen, and some completed a custom project of their own choice.  Please take a look at a few of the students work they have accomplished in just one full days worth of work.  Remember, some of these students have never turned on a lathe before.

Tomorrow we will complete our kaleidoscope eggs.  As soon as I have some pictures of completed works, I will post them tomorrow!

A collection of some of the projects completed by first time students!

20151031_210517 20151031_210605 20151031_210724

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