My Woodworking Journey

Welcome to my woodworking site! If you are here for information, or happen to need a little inspiration, or you landed here by a miscalculating search tool, I hope you find what you were looking for!

I built this site with the help of a very good friend. Sunil Patel has helped me realize a lifelong dream of publishing a website. I cannot thank him enough for his inspiration and his friendly guidance in checking off a bucket list item.   Any issues with the site are solely mine, as Sunil has provided excellent advice.  Any failure in execution, I fully accept the blame! Sunil, we finally slayed the tigers!

A warning to the first time site visitor. The site was built by me, and I tend to have an irreverent and sarcastic (for those that know me…they just rolled their eyes) sense of humor, with the exception of the topic of safety. Self-deprecation is also provided in a large measure. Should you be an uptight person with no sense of humor, please have fun on the site, but for the love of GOD, do not prove to everyone your need to have a large stick extricated from your posterior.

The site is organized around different woodworking disciplines. Most pages are broken further down into self-indulgent ramblings about my experiences, projects and mentors during my woodworking journey. There are plenty of informational links and pages that also offer advice, skill building tips, inspiration and even some step by step projects that you can try for yourself.

If you are a former student, I welcome you to the site and you can find everything you need to reference your experience during our class together. Navigate to the FAQ section and filter the questions by the “former student” criteria.

If you are a future student, you will also find information that will help you during our class together. Navigate to the FAQ section and filter the questions by the “future student” criteria.


Woodworking can be very dangerous if safety is not your focus.  Accidents usually happen very quickly, and can lead to very serious injuries. The time to be safe is before you start, not after an accident! Read and follow all safety information provided by your equipment manuals and user guides. Protect yourself and others in your workshop at all times. If you have safety classes in your area, I strongly recommend getting checked out on the pieces of equipment you plan to use with a very experienced woodworker or instructor. I have several valuable links to safety information in the links section.

The information and tips provided on this website are offered as my personal opinions, grounded in my experience. If you feel any information or tip is not safe, or you feel that it is beyond your experience level, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PERFORM THE ACTION. Safety is the core for all of my classes and certainly for any action that I perform in the workshop. Be safe and have fun!


So my final thought is woodworking has been a fantastic journey for me which is constantly revealing just how amazing wood and woodworkers can be. I deeply thank all of those who have contributed to making my woodworking journey fun and exciting! I have not changed the names of my mentors to protect their innocence. Please visit my mentors section to see who has impacted my woodworking journey. I hope this site contributes to your woodworking journey in some way! Happy and safe woodworking!

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