General Links

If you are looking for some inspiration, information, entertainment or advice, the links below can offer you all of the above!

Tools, Materials and Distributors

If you are looking for distributors of parts, wood or tools, you will find these links helpful.

  • Woodcraft –  Woodworking store located throughout the country.  Great selection of tools, wood and reference material.  Many of the locations also have training facilities.
  • Highland Woodworking – Woodworking store located in Atlanta, Georgia.  They have a great catalog for hard to find tools and a great magazine rack!  They ship all over the country.
  • Atlanta Hardwoods Incorporated – Hardwood lumber distributor with a great selection of exotics and project specific materials.
  • Craft Supplies USA– Great source for project turning kits, tools and supplies for woodturning.
  • Penn State Industries – Distributor of turning project kits, tools and supplies for turning pens and other kits.
  • Ocooch Hardwoods –  A great selection of thin lumber for scrollsaw projects.

Books, Videos, Magazines and Web Communities

If you are looking for books, videos, magazines or web communities to inspire, inform or just communicate with, you will find these links useful.

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