Top Secret: American Chess Table- A table is born!

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So chapter two of the drawer saga turned out to have a much happier tone.  The glue up of the drawer in the table worked perfectly!  We fitted the drawer to the table and it was a great fit.  The final sanding of the table is complete, and the table has been delivered to the finisher.

Once the table comes back with the finish on it, we will mount the table clips to the chess board, and cut slots in the chess table.  Once those operations are complete, we will then mount the board to the table, and we will be complete.

I have planned to upholster the inside of the drawer.  I will cut some compartment dividers after determining the sizes of the chess pieces I am planning to turn.  Once I have the dimensions of the pieces, I will adjust the dividers, and then install the upholstery over the dividers and inside the drawer.  I have a very American plan for the upholstery for the inside of the drawer.  Once we have the inside of the drawer complete, it will then be delivered to our top secret location!  I will post updates as they are completed!

The fit of the drawer after the second attempt (final sanded and ready to go):

drawer attempt 2 installed

drawer attempt 2 installed

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