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We recently had a visitor show up at the shop who was in need of an interesting object.  The group of quilters needed a part for their large commercial sewing machines that held the very large thread bobbins on top of the sewing machine.  The part manufacturer for the parts were no longer making the parts, and they had some new quilters that wanted to contribute to the projects, but needed the parts for their machines in order to assist.

The quilting group is a very special group of people, who make quilts for the sick children at the hospitals here in the Georgia area.  They also make quilts for children who have unfortunately passed away during their stay at the hospitals.  They were a great bunch of folks, and they had a very important and passionate mission.

I studied the pieces that they were using and made some very detailed drawings and took some very precise measurements.  I decided to make them out of mahogany, as it would be heavy and very sturdy.

They were thrilled with the finished pieces, and I was happy to contribute to the fellow artists who had as much passion for their craft as I have for mine.  I love projects like this, as I learned a little about their process, machines and material.

The completed project:

thread holders

thread holders

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